CQRS and exception handling

In this article, I’d like to discuss one particular aspect of exception handling relevant to CQRS and the decorator pattern.

When to validate commands in CQRS?

There’s a question that I didn’t cover in the course and that was raised at least twice since then: when to validate commands in CQRS?

Are CQRS commands part of the domain model?

I published an online course about CQRS a couple months ago, and since then I realized that there are some topics I didn’t put enough emphasize on in that course, or didn’t cover at all. In the next several blog posts, I’m going to fill this gap.

Hierarchy of value objects

This article is a response to a reader’s question. The question posed an interesting problem that I think will be interesting to a wider audience.

CQRS vs Specification pattern

This is an article about how two DDD patterns contradict each other.

New online course: CQRS in Practice

My new online training course CQRS in Practice went live.

In Defense of Lazy Loading

In this article, we’ll talk about ORMs and lazy loading.

Entity Identity vs Database Primary Key

Today, we’ll discuss the difference between identity in the DDD sense and database primary keys. We often mix the two together but are they really the same thing?

EF Core 2.1 vs NHibernate 5.1: DDD perspective

UPDATE 3/5/2020: I’ve expanded on this article and updated its content for EF Core 3.1 in my new Pluralsight course DDD and EF Core: Preserving Encapsulation.

That was probably a long wait for those of you who follow my blog. But, better late than never, so here it is: another comparison of Entity Framework and NHibernate, in which I bash EF Core and present it as an unbiased review. Just kidding, I do try to be unbiased here to the best of my skills.

Value Objects and Identity

Today’s article is an answer to a reader’s question about the use of Value Objects to represent the identity of an entity.