Nulls in Value Objects

Today, we’ll discuss an interesting use case of handling nulls in value objects. Should you put null inside the value objects themselves or decorate those value objects using the nullable reference type notation (? or Maybe)?

Validation and DDD: New online course

My new Pluralsight course about Validation and DDD went live.

Static methods considered evil?

Are static methods good or bad? Over the course of my career I did a full circle on this topic. In this article, I’ll try to describe this evolution and the reasoning behind it.

Always-Valid Domain Model

I was re-reading some old articles about always-valid domain models, including the response to it from Greg Young. It may seem strange to write a response to an 11 years old article, but...

How to handle unique constraint violations

Today, we’ll discuss how to best handle unique constraint violations.

C# 9 Records as DDD Value Objects

Today, we’ll talk about the new C# 9 feature, Records, and whether or not they can be used as DDD value objects.

Domain model purity and lazy loading

This is the final article in the domain model purity series, where we’ll discuss this subject in the context of lazy loading.

Domain model purity and the current time

I’m continuing the topic of domain model purity. This time, we’ll discuss it with regards to getting the current date and time.

Domain model purity vs. domain model completeness (DDD Trilemma)

I’ve been meaning to write this article for a long time and, finally, here it is: the topic of domain model purity versus domain model completeness.

Is Equality Comparison a Code Pollution?

This post is about where to put the equality comparison logic: under the test or production code.