Validation and DDD: New online course

My new online training course about Validation and DDD went live.

Validation and DDD

Validation is a surprisingly complex topic. Even though we all work with validation on a daily basis, it’s often hard to choose between multiple, seemingly equally valid approaches to validation. This course will help you build the right mental model and understand how you should deal with validation, and why exactly you should prefer one approach over another. You will learn about the foundational principles of validation, how they relate to Domain-Driven Design, and how to use the FluentValidation library to apply those principles in practice.

Here are some of the topics the course covers:

  • What is validation

  • Always-valid domain model

  • Validation using Value Objects

  • Explicit application errors

  • Combining FluentValidation with Value Objects

As usual, you will see all the concepts and techniques applied to a close-to-real-world software project with live refactoring.

Watch the course here: Validation and DDD.

You can find the source code for the project on GitHub.


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