TDD Course

My next big project after the Unit Testing book is going to be a course called Test-Driven Development in Practice.

This course will be a logical continuation of the book. In it, we’ll develop, from the ground-up, a fully-fledged application using a combination of Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Domain-Driven Design (DDD).

The idea of the course is to show how to apply the test-first approach, as well as how to combine it with the DDD principles.

This course is currently under development.

5 Non-Obvious Tips for Writing Better Unit Tests

In the meantime, you can enroll in my other course: 5 Non-Obvious Tips for Writing Better Unit Tests. This course covers such topics as:

  • How to deal with simple CRUD applications. In particular, how to test such applications and whether you should build a rich domain model for them.

  • DRY vs DAMP principles in unit testing.

  • How to test state machines.

  • How to work with unmanaged dependencies (such as a message bus or an SMTP service).

(I will also add the 5th module soon.)

You can enroll in this course for free. For that, sign up below, and I will email you the instructions.