New online course: CQRS in Practice

My new online training course CQRS in Practice went live.

CQRS in Practice

Some of you have already noticed that I was working on a new Pluralsight course, CQRS in Practice (I had no idea that people actually use this "Follow" feature on GitHub). Anyway, it’s finally gone live!

And it’s arguably one of my best courses to date. I usually put a lot of effort (too much, as someone told me once) into all of my courses but this one stands out from even that competition, in my opinion. In any event, definitely check it out.

Here’s a list of topics from the course:

  • Task-based vs. CRUD-based interfaces (both UI and API)

  • Commands, queries, and command/query handlers

  • Decorators on top of the command and query handlers and integrating them with ASP.NET Core

  • Separation at the domain model level

  • Separation at the database level

  • Synchronization strategies between the read and write databases

  • Common questions and misconceptions, like:

    • CQRS vs. Event Sourcing

    • CQRS vs. Specification pattern

    • Can you use a query from a command

    • Command handler decorators vs ASP.NET middleware

    • And much, much more

And of course, as usual, all the concepts I talk about in the course are not just theory, you will see a close-to-real-world software project to which all those concepts will be applied in practice.

Watch the course here: CQRS in Practice.

You can find the source code for the project on GitHub.

If you need a trial code which grants 30 days unlimited access to Pluralsight, shoot me an email and I’ll send you one.


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