Database Delivery Best Practices Pluralsight course

My new course Database Delivery Best Practices for Pluralsight went live.

Database Delivery Best Practices

Database delivery is still something many programmers struggle with. It’s not always clear how to deal with the database schema differences in different environments, how to resolve merge conflicts that inevitably arise when more than one programmer works with the DB, how to make sure you don’t break the other teams' applications when you refactor the database structure and so on.

I tried to address all these pain points in the course. It is based on the article series I posted some time ago but dives into the topic much deeper. It covers such themes as:

  • Basic principles behind the database delivery process.

  • State-based and migration-based approaches to database delivery, their strengths and weaknesses, how to choose between them given your project needs, and how to combine the best of the two worlds together.

  • Building your own light-weight migration tool.

  • Refactoring integration databases (databases which are used by multiple applications).

All these topics are backed by examples close to typical enterprise applications. The sample code is built using Visual Studio 2015, C# 6 and SQL Server.

You can watch the course here: link.

As usual, I have some trial codes for this course, so if you want to watch it but don’t have a subscription, write me an email and I’ll send you one.


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