Pragmatic Unit Testing Pluralsight course

My new course Building a Pragmatic Unit Test Suite for Pluralsight went live.

Building a Pragmatic Unit Test Suite

Unit testing can be applied differently. Like many other things in programming, there are a lot of ways to mess up with it. It’s important to differentiate unit testing techniques that help bring confidence in your code base correctness from techniques that can potentially have a devastating effect on your entire test suite. In this course, I aim at showing how to do that.

It is based on two article series (first one, second one) I posted some time ago. The course dives into the subject much deeper, however. Some of the major topics it covers include:

  • What makes a test valuable

  • Various types of coverage metrics and why they are not enough to measure test suite quality

  • Styles of unit testing and areas of their application

  • When to use mocks

  • Integration testing

  • Unit testing anti-patterns

Two of the six modules are devoted to a grand refactoring project where I show an in-depth use case of applying the guidelines described in the course in practice. As usual, there are "before" and "after" versions of the same code base, and a comparison of the two.

The sample project is built using Visual Studio 2015, C# 6, SQL Server, and Moq.

You can watch the course here: link.

If you need a trial access to Pluralsight (30 days unlimited access), write me an email and I’ll send you a code.


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