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There are a number of services I offer. If you want to reach out about anything, feel free to use the form below or send me a direct email.

I will help you build a roadmap for a greenfield project.

Struggle to decide which path to take with a greenfield business-critical application development? Need to outline a high-level architecture to move forward with? I will help you avoid problems that are very expensive to fix down the road. Better spend additional time making sure everything is good to go up front than try to change the course of the project later.

I will help you with a legacy project.

Do you have a legacy project your developers are afraid to touch? That takes ages to release a new version of and still spawns an awful lot of bugs? Have you been trying to figure out whether to continue working on it or undertake a full rewrite? I will help you make this decision. You will get a detailed plan to remedy the situation.

I will mentor your team.

Do you need help with coding best practices, domain-driven design, or test-driven development? I will help your team boost the productivity with a bit of mentoring. I will take your code base and show how to model the domain, identify and fix the weak points, refactor fragile unit tests, adhere to the SOLID principles, and more.

I will work with you on application development.

Need application development? I can help you with the following:

  • Build a greenfield project from the ground up on my own or with your team.
  • Rescue or rewrite a distressed legacy code base (depending on which approach yields the best ROI).

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Feel free to reach out about any of these. You can use theĀ form below or send me a direct email.