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Do you need an ORM?

Do you need an ORM for your project given you use a relational database? And not just some lightweight like Dapper but a big one: NHibernate, Entity Framework, Hibernate? I’d like to address this question with this post.

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Domain-centric vs data-centric approaches to software development

In this post, I’d like to make a comparison of two approaches that prevail in the world of (mostly enterprise) software development: domain-centric and data-centric.

If you read my last post (or any other post, quite frankly), you might have noticed I personally gravitate towards the domain-centric approach. Although this article is intended to be an impartial one, keep in mind that my bias can leak out.

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Is SQL a good place for business logic?

<TL;DR> No, it isn’t. While SQL is a Turing-complete language and we can use it to encode any business logic we want, placing business (domain) logic into SQL leads to a less maintainable solution comparing to one that uses an OO or functional language. Because of that, I advocate to limit the use of SQL to read-only queries (which can potentially contain business logic, that’s fine) and simple CRUD statements where possible.</TL;DR>

The dispute regarding whether or not one should place business logic in SQL takes place for as long as I can remember. It’s much less active these days, but still exists, so let’s elaborate on the details here.

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